Why First 5 min candle in Dhan is difference from Trading view

The first 5 min candle in Dhan is different from the Tradingview chart, why it is not the same
its a bugs?
kindly look for this

Hi @Rohitsingh

Chart data on Dhan is accurate, we get the data from NSE directly and stream it in real-time on charts. There have been multiple times we have checked this and found our data to match with NSE.

It actually depends on where TradingView is sourcing their chart data from, can’t comment on that.

It takes a lot of time to upload the chart in Dhan Tv, please improve it.

data on the mcx chart doesn’t agree with you, please have that recheck. I have been raising this issue for many days but have not received any reply.
open on dhan is wrong mostly for the first bar.
zerodha {perfect match to exchange}

dhan { not matched}

Yes for MCX, @HIR we are working on this and moving to separate instance for MCX. Will keep you informed.

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@Yadu Noted this, we have already benchmarking this for performance.


I totally agree with you sir you said you get the data from NSE directly and stream it in real-time on charts.
my question is about the morning candle and the after-market close candle how do they change?
When i post the bug report that time the first 5 min candle is different from tradingview but after closing the market is show same as tradingview


Hi, As a new user I faced this same issue. There is difference in the first 5 min candle in tradingview and Dhan tradingview. I hope this is fine and fixed already.

Dhan Tradingview=>


Both above charts are for today 6th Dec, 2022 in a 5 min timeframe.

@PravinJ FYI

Just to add my observation, Dhan TradingView is same as Zerodha chart, I believe only TradingView differs. Not sure, why!

how is it on a) tradingview vs b) tv.dhan.com vs c) dhan brokerage on tradingview (would it be different?) vs d) iq charts if any?
as in, is it a data issue or charting issue?

how does it look on fyers and truedata ?

There is another thread today on same topic: Difference in the opening price

have explained how charts work on the link shared here: Charts on Dhan: What happens behind the scenes and how Charts work exactly?

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Data rendered on our platforms (apps, web, including tv.dhan.co) is based on our data-feeds, ones that we get from exchanges.

Data rendered on main TradingView is based on where they source it from.

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Data rendered on main TradingView is based on where they source it from.

I am a Pro+ user on tradingview.com and I see they have their feed integrated with NSE feed too.

Yes, what I meant here is even if the source for us and TradingView, or for that matter any broker is same (NSE) in this case - there is no assurance that charts of all platforms will be the same.

why do we have different high or low levels on intraday and daily charts sometimes?
look at the copper dec contract chart -date 05/12/22
intraday never touched 704 high but when you chk the daily chart it shows a high of 704 which matches with the exchange high.

Yes, this is also possible, have explained here below. I have seen this on NSE couple of times, my first time on MCX - will have this checked in exchange logs for MCX.

How did my order get executed at a price which the chart never reflected?

Market data for every stock / instrument comes directly from the stock exchange. Exchange processes millions of transactions each day which translates to a lot of transactions per second.

Now, each transaction represents a tick. However, it is not feasible even for exchanges to send all of this data via ticks as every tick is a representation of all transactions that happened in that ‘moment of tick’. So as an industry standard, a snapshot of a tick is sent by the exchanges to the data feeds or market tick by tick data, which results in the end user seeing the price of the stock / instrument as an LTP.

This tick is shown on your device which is live market price and the same data is used to plot charts. Now, this per second tick is one of the many hundred ticks that take place on the exchange every second. So, it is quite possible that sometimes your order gets executed at a certain price without that price getting reflected on your screen.

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well, I understand that in intraday sometimes a few ticks can be missing and especially if it’s in the first few sec of open or just a print of high/low during a day, but my issue is if once EOD data is updated then at least that should match the exchange high and low.

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