Why Dhirubhai Ambani shut down BSE for 3 trading days!

It is April 1982, and a formidable bear cartel from Calcutta has launched a raid on Reliance shares. They engage in significant short selling, causing the stock price to plummet from Rs 131 to Rs 121 within a brief period. This cartel has executed similar maneuvers in the past, targeting numerous entities. However, this time they have underestimated their opponent, Dhirubhai Ambani, a renowned businessman celebrated for his shrewd business acumen.

Would the bears emerge triumphant this time around, or would the tides turn against them? Find out here: Podcast #20: Surviving a bear attack โ€“ how Dhirubhai did it ยป Capitalmind - Better Investing

This was hands down one of my favorite podcast episode on the stock market. Share your thoughts on this in the comments :point_down: