Why can't we see Live PnL of our positions?

On original trading view we can see live pnl of our positions as well in fyers but this is lacking in dhan’s trading-view? why ? this thing is very helpful for traders and especially scalpers.

Please add this

Noted this @Yash0301. This is in works, you will have it on Dhan soon.

Hi @Yash0301, this is updated today. You will see P&L on charts from Monday. Enjoy :smile:

Just note this please: Update: For TradingView users on Dhan

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Dhan is just amazing, let us take over the other brokers,
Let dhan kill all the competition.
Really impressed how you guys hear our suggestions and roll out updates accordingly.
Keep doing it and i believe you’ll be the best broker out there, I will recommend dhan to my friends and family.