Using pine script in

currently do not allow the use of scripts / strategies / custom indicators as in

This is a huge drawback.

we can get all that connecting dhan to TradingView-However cannot trade options.

So this is a to be - or to be kind of situation. allows trading options - but can’t use all those gooddies in TradingView
TradingView allows using most of those goodies - but can’t trade options.

consider doing something about this fast. ( I find feature requests like this since one year ? and yet not executed - that is bad for such a great software- I have been trading with zerodha, now moved here due to the trader-friendly-feature )

Tradingview doesn’t provide pine scripting feature in the library they ship out to third parties like stock brokers. Hence Dhan cannot offer this feature.

The new webhook feature allows directly trading in options from native trading platform. But for this u need to be on TV paid plan and do some customisation with the pine code. But as TV doesn’t provide option data u cannot directly work with option prices. You will have to rely on the underlying and use the webhook to place order.

Then why don’t you allow option trading on TradingView. This should solve all the issues (it does all other types - futures, stock etc . Why not options too ? )

This is up to Tradingview management. If you want a feature from Tradingview you can post it here - Reddit - Dive into anything

If your request get sufficient comunity support TV may consider it.