Update us about tech scaling in dhan platform

from last week we saw some smoothness in system after long period of shutdowns and glitches but traders who trade Expiry option buying with big capital like me are still very concerned.

can u please update us about tech scaling in dhan platform by dhan team which prevent any glitches and shutdown in future .during high volume transactions like before .this will boost our confidence to trade on dhan .
How u going to improve your order management system for future for high volume transactions .

Hi @dsc We continue to scale our systems to ensure we are support all existing users and new users that come to Dhan. At some point of time we will write in detail more on this.

While I agree we had a shutdown recently, even post that in last few days we have seen highest ever number of users and trades on Dhan. We continue to invest more in product, tech, infra and process, and at the same time - we have also ensured we support users who were affected.