Unlimited stock in one watchlist

Hello my sweet dhan community & developers

I have only & only one question that is there any possible way so that i can add 1000 stock in one watchlist like tredingview :melting_face:
if yes than please tell me how
if No than please add this feature
so that user can add NSE 500,NSE 200 stock in a single watchlist
thanks :pray:

Hi @JORDAN The max stocks one can have in any watchlist is 100. There are 10 watchlists that a user can make on Dhan.

The Popular Indices are already available in the Markets section of Dhan Web and also on TradingView., so one can track them without adding to the watchlist… or can add selectively to the Watchlist.

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Indeed, User looking for predefined watch-list it will helpful for all users , I have no idea why dhan hesitate to implement this

  1. sorry sir but dhan should allow one watchlist in which i can 1000 stock becouse tredingview also provide this feature in free virson.

  2. if i want to any 50 stock in my watchlist so it should allow in a one click like tredingview now i am adding this one by one so this is very time consuming process

please look in this matter

Hi @JORDAN, We won’t able to do that on Dhan in a single watchlist. We don’t have to render the watchlist just on tv.dhan.co, but across all platforms - App, Web, Options Trader and more. Isn’t feasible to implement it, also I personally I feel its practically impossible to track 1000 stocks in 1 watchlist, 100 in 10 makes still a use case as we have few users that consume large watchlists every actively.

Agree 1000 stocks atleast and 2nd thing, adding at one all stock in one go

@PravinJ Its time consuming to add stocks one by one in the list.
This is very important feature which needs to be considered for traders point of view.

Bro, in my opinion, having 1000 stocks won’t serve any purpose. I don’t know anyone who is able to scan (and remember the setup of) 1000 scrips. Anyways, everyone has its own preferences.

As an alternative, what you can do is go to tv.dhan.co and go to indices (at top header). There you will find Nifty 500 and you can scan through charts one after the other and if you like a particular scrip, you can press Ctrl+W and it will be added to your watchlist.

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