Underlying price wrong - option trader app

@Dhan_Help @PravinJ @Naman Silver is over 800 points down now.

Hi @t7support

This isnโ€™t a bug. Let me explain how this works in case of MCX.

For stocks in NSE / BSE there is underlying index that all of us track. For commodities on MCX, the underlying prices are from various local markets (or international) in few cases. MCX will publish them over here: Spot Market Price

We use exchange feed broadcast, so what prices exchanges relay us - we show to us as is basis. On NSE for underlying, we all know the prices and that its real-time. For MCX, the relay is not underlying and there is not poll-based mechanism that can be used to keep it updated - as we will never know which market and so on - and we as a broking platform canโ€™t be showing you a underlying price that is outside of exchange.

Hope this helps, do keep this in mind when you trade in commodities.

Thanks @PravinJ. This was a new info for me. Got it.

But the underlying for MCX option is the underlying futures and not spot. So doesnโ€™t it make sense then to show the future price instead of the spot price at top of the option chain for MCX commodity options ?