UI improvement on web.dhan.co as well as tv.dhan.co

Equity has many series on NSE like EQ, BZ, BE etc. Now, BTST or intraday is allowed only in EQ series.

When we type a name on web.dhan.co, it displays a box as:

But this box doesn’t let us know which SERIES of EQUITY segment the scrip is. It creates a lot of confusion. Let’s suppose I take a trade for BTST in Eros International. Now, Eros is a BE series scrip, so BTST isn’t permissible.

But there is no way to know that from the pop-up box.

Thus, it is requested to show the series also along with the segment.

Same goes with tv.dhan.co.

Here also, no information as described above is available.

Further, here symbol and description both show the same thing leading to a lot of confusion. For e.g. try to search “Airtel” on tv.dhan.co and the below box will open:

Now, how to know which one is Partly paid share and which one is normal share on NSE. And this is just one-off example. There are so many others creating this confusion. It would be better if symbol and description could show different values as is normal on Tradingview.


Hi Shally, this will clutter the user experience a lot, we are making things more simpler than current one. Also technically this is unfeasible to build on the search layer - scrips keep moving, and their ids keep changing post corporate actions.

Same thing for symbol search - we have one set of users asking for symbols, and another one for names like you mentioned here. We have to figure out use-cases and experiences that make it work for most users and most use-cases.

Making a note of this, will try to figure out how we can explore this.

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Thanks Pravin ji for your response. At the outset, wishing you and your team a very happy Diwali.

Now, I will put my points:

What you’re saying might be acceptable on web.dhan.co, but not for tv.dhan.co.

Refer the screenshots placed below:

Here you can see, all the points I have mentioned are being taken care.

  1. Scrip Symbol as well as Scrip name is being shown making it clear without any confusion. (Pic 2)
  2. Scrip series is being shown (Eros is BE series scrip) (Pic 1).

As for web.dhan.co., at least some option should be there (be it on order placement tab or somewhere else) indicating the scrip series so that user can be aware that intraday or BTST wouldln’t be possible in this scrip and thus to avoid them if his/her thesis is intraday/BTST.