Two different chart does not open through dhan layout.always open same 2/3/..... Chart through dhan layout.There is no option to change symbol name in chart

In Dhan mobile application I am not able to open two different symbol chart using dhan layout option.When I use to open two different symbol,unfortunately there is no option to change the symbol name.The symbol is fixed in the chart.

Hi @Prasenjit Welcome to Dhan community.

On the multi-screen setting has the option to sync or async layout. But on & Mobile App we could not give this option because there is a feature to Buy-Sell on the same screen. It will create confusion about which scrip to trade when there are different symbols in the multi-screen. We continued to keep this feature for the use case of tracking multiple timeframes of the same scrips.

Nonetheless, we have noted your feedback/suggestion with us and will share it with our team for further review on the same.