Trigger sell/buy for bracket orders

Why Dhan lack the features of going Bracket order via a trigger sell/buy?

Say, we want to sell below the market or buy above the market, there is no way to do in bracket orders. As it has only option of going in market. A trigger sell/buy can be much helpful.

This is fyers BO layout.


Hi @ronin

Thanks for your feedback.

We will look into the possibilty of building this. Though you can create bracket-like order using Forever-OCO on any position.

Oco forever orders doesn’t seem to suit for intraday.

But thanks for acknowledging. That’s what sets Dhan apart. You really do listen.


I also want this feature very much

Hi @ronin, can’t your use-case be solved by doing a bracket order with limit as entry price? And it is also available for intra-day.

Noticed quite a lot of users are doing it, you think it solves or would love to why only trigger works. Thank you

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