Trailing Stop Loss

Hey guys, could some one please eli5 trailing stop loss? I’m coming from kotak neo and it’s very easy to place tailing Sl there. I’m having a tough time to understand how it works on Dhan. I would have ended in green if I had used this feature :frowning:

I did the read the example and watched the video but I still cannot understand.
Here’s how I do it in Kotak -

  1. I buy SBI at 610 and target is 613.
  2. Now the CMP is 612.75 and I wish to place my trailing SL at 612
  3. So if the stocks falls to 612, my order gets executed.
  4. In Kotak I just move the SL Trigger price and it gets executed if the stock falls to SBI.

On Dhan, I would like to know how I can replicate the same. Thanks guys!

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Hi @mortality Here is a full video on Trailing Stop Loss on Dhan: What is Trailing Stop Loss🚫 | How to use Trailing Stop Loss - Trailing Stop Loss Explained | Dhan - YouTube

This is with examples, so hope it clarifies fully.