Trail profit in a trade

Hi fellow traders,
Hi @t7support

If I take a trade on Dhan TV and add a stop loss. I can move the SL below the buy price only. Is there any option to trail the profit as well? Let’s say as simple as just moving the line above the buy price and keep shifting it so that if the direction reverses and we are not infront of our screens, we can still book profit and not loss.

Newbie, might be missing something. Please help.


In TV you can’t add TSL as far as I know. However in Dhan web or app you have a TSL feature.

Hi @t7support ,

Thanks for the link. However, I wasn’t talking about the TSL in Dhan. I was talking about manually moving the stop loss on chart. Or any other setup that you use to trail profit ?


There is no order type called TSL in TV. That is what I was referring to. Also in TV if you set a stop loss below the buy price then you cannot move it over like u noted. But try creating a stop loss order above buy price (when ltp is above it ofcourse) and you should be able to move the line.

Alright, will try this out.