Tradingview attention

So recently I login to tradingview via dhan and I saw there are some drawing tools which you can use while you login tradingview via dhan but that drawing tools are not available in dhan tradingview terminal so can you guys request them to extend their library so you can also make use of then in dhan tradingview panel so we get access to all drawing tools

Hi @omkar Can you share more details on this. That aside, we are already working with TradingView for some more features and functionalities that we aim to introduce in upcoming charting libraries.

Please help me dhan aap hang

@PravinJ Sorry for being late I saw there is everything available except anchor vwap in line section I mean that’s the only thing not available here Ik there is dedicated indicator for it but for that we have to input field data every time but the one provided by them gets plot by simple click which is really good function

That’s the only thing which is not available if you can make it available that will be very helpful.

I don’t thing they will say no to this small thing if you ask them along with that there is a indicator called distance from moving average can you make something like distance from vwap I already coded it but pine script is not available in dhan terminal so can’t plot it.