Trading view charts

Hi @dhan, @PravinJ, there are some indicators like half trend, all candlestic patterns etc., which are exclusively available in trading view charts. Is it possible for dhan to introduce these indicators on charts? Bcs the layouts and indicators r not being saved in tradingview charts as it is asking to leave the page when saving the layout and also we have restriction of 3 indicators only in tradingview charts.

Hi @sri1647,

TradingView keeps few of its features exclusive only for its product and does not extend it to its partners. Specific features are based on your plan.

Hi @Poornima, so Dhan users won’t get all the features of Tradingview? Then what is the difference between and trading view charts? Tradingview is not for its exclusive indicators etc., na. When dhan had integrated with trading view, then we hope all the features of tradingview will be added including its premium ones

Hi @sri1647,

We have hosted version of i.e

With Dhan integration, you get lightning fast execution directly from TradingView platform and you can use these features, provided you have the required TradingView subscription.

Means dhan users will not get the additional features unless have the premium subscription of trading view right?

Right. They are separate products. For using to its fullest (whether without Dhan or with Dhan integration), you need to have their subscription.