Traders Controls - Floating P&L option for dhan app or P&L Notification for Target just like Loss SOS

Hi Team

Traders Controls - Floating P&L option on web is BEST to keep eye on Target/ Loss but can we have same for Dhan app (Andriod) or Just like Loss SOS can we have option to get Notification (OR square off all positions) when the P&L reach to Target.

Hi @ScorpionKing, welcome to Dhan community. Firstly request you to change your username as it displays your mobile number in public domain, think that happened by mistake. Please change the same.

Yes, lots of our users trade with Trader Controls. We have plans to bring all of them to Dhan web as well. We will keep you posted on this.

Hi Pravin

Thanks for notifying with user name yes it was a mistake updated the same.

I will really look forward for the traders Control updates with Target P&L Notification of Profit booking option.