दिक्कतें और सुझाव

Dhan green app और purple app ko एक ही रखे
Awasome oscillation please करे
MCX NSE BSE stock option k contract पर underlaying asset ka current price दिखाए
Home page सिंपल रखे
अगर कोइ स्टॉक पोर्टफोलियो में है तो उसका मार्केट depth और fundamental उधर से ही दिखाना चाहिए

Fundamental details पर करेक्ट डाटा और ratio ज्यादा रखिए
Shareholding with shareholder names ,SWOT analysis required
ट्रेडर डायरी और फंड और holding पे लॉक या हाइड ऑप्शन चाहिए
Recent history clear option required
Chart data 15yr old required
Broker institution or analyst views on stock with date like abmoney app will be good
Strategy smallcap tab one can keep optional from settings that required
Fund option not required in portfolio tab
Basket sip with date and time customisation is missing
Please include customizable watchlist where we can add global indices for all commodity currency ADR for live price and history makert depth of for same

Provide back office where unlisted shares and other hodlings are visible

In user interface please enable swipe option for all tabs it is working for few in watchlist but not working for custom watchlist or in share details tab
Option greek page for all stike and 4all fno in all segments required
User interface needed to optimise for max information with bigger market depth price font

Hi @Roh

Thanks for taking the time to share your detailed suggestions. We will review your all points.

Thanks for contributing.