There are not things like theta delta vega in futures right

I am done with options buying so should I switch to option selling or nifty future because I really find it annoying theta delta gamma vega etc

Yes no theta , delta, vega in futures. These are for options. Also while I don’t many option sellers look at greeks also.

Besides Option selling and futures need fairly descent capital to generate meaningful absolute returns. Unless this is a side activity and / or you have good enough risk capital it may not be worth the time spent on it.

for me like 2k to 3k is ok on daily basis and my risk is also same @t7support I have capital too

Daily fixed income returns from trading activity is impossible whichever strategy u follow.

I know i am just saying i am ok with 2k to 3k loss on daily and vice versa ik daily profits are impossible thats why I mention my risk na

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Ok got it now @omkar

In short i will say option selling is all about adjustment if price doesn’t stay in range. Theta will always have support on sellers. Where as on future it works like stocks but have to roll over to next expiry if expiry are near. Thats it

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