The all new PrimeInvestor smallcases on Dhan!

Hello Dhan Community Members,

Happy to partner with Dhan to offer PrimeInvestor’s three unique smallcase portfolios to the Dhan Community. Whether you want a hardcore wealth building portfolio or an exciting portfolio to play the economic revival, we have them all in one place.

Here’s a quick synopsis on our portfolios that will be of interest to you to invest in.

PrimeInvestor Core & Satellite ETF

Get the low-cost benefits of ETFs and have an all-weather portfolio. With our Core & Satellite Portfolio, you get a mix of traditional market-cap-based indices further layered with themes/sectors to suit ongoing market flavor. Stay updated with our timely alerts on when to shuffle them!

PrimeInvestor Auto++

Double the opportunity with our Auto++ smallcase. It allows you to play both the revival in the auto space and the transformation – be it in EV adoption or advanced driver-assisted systems. The auto sector is already firing on all cylinders. Join the ride now!

PrimeInvestor Finance Squared

Capitalise on all the major engines of growth with the PrimeInvestor Finance Squared portfolio on smallcase. Play the dual game of revival in credit growth and the shift to financialisation of savings by the Indian investor with our future-ready portfolio. This portfolio looks at adding high growth companies and those that disrupt the market.

Building wealth is now just an app away! Start Investing today!

Be assured that you will stay on top of your PrimeInvestor smallcase portfolio with our quarterly rebalancing updates, that can be seamlessly executed with the Dhan app!

Looking forward to contributing to the Dhan community and having regular conversations on everything related to markets.

Vidya Bala



Hi @VidyaBala ,

Thanks for a detailed post. I am sure it will be really helpful to our community members.

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