Stop loss, Trailing Stoploss and Target for Short and medium term Investment

How we can Add stop loss And Target for Short and medium term Investment.

EX :- If i brought RBL BANK at 136 i want to set Stop loss at 117 and Target at 150.
every day setting the stop loss and target is difficultly and both not possible at a time.
If its possible with Bracket Order it will be helpful. If not possible, Requesting to please add
options :- After Brought Shares (Delivery) add option for set the Stoploss, Trailing Stop and Target for the shares, which one hit first share will be sold.

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right now, OCO i.e one cancels other feature is available for cash & index derivatives only for positional trading. Since, for cash segment, to be able to have OCO feature, you will need POA (power of attorney) which recently SEBI has upgraded to DDPI (DDPI or Demat Debit Pledge Instruction- modified POA). NSE has already send email regarding this topic whoever has a trading cum demat account. I got my mail from NSE on 4th Nov,22.
From Dhan team, I have been told that they are sorting out this legalities & working on the same i.e OCO or anything else with similar feature.

Hope this helps. Happy trading.


P.S: In my personal opinion, I don’t think we are going to get TSL for positional trading anytime soon. May be this is because it falls in the algo category which SEBI making fuss about or may be something to do with building tech infra on Dhan’s part. Hope I am wrong.