Stop Loss hit even when the price did not trigger - Check this

In the attached screenshot the low of the candle shows as 275.75 (verified on other brokers as well)

Now look at my order:

How did my trade get cut at 274?

Hi @Devil,

It would help if you can share more details about your account on

At the same time, we have already addressed this type of case here:

Charts on Dhan: What happens behind the scenes and how Charts work exactly?

sent the mail with details, please reply ASAP. @PravinJ - I have edited the post as requested. Hopefully, you will look into this matter as a priority

Hi @Devil, our team will review this. Meanwhile, it is very likely that all prices are not reflected on charts, neither does exchange ensures 100% of price ticks are sent to us via exchange broadcast.

In all such events, you can independently verify your trades directly with NSE on :