Splitup in ledger & P & L

I don’t find splitups like p/l , commissions, total of taxes paid against transactions , P& L or ledger.

This is an important feature , much needed.

The software is great . Then why are these info not provided ? if they are provided , can anyone tell where ?

Hi @sureshshenoy For P/L you can refer to the P/L statement which can be requested from Web/App. The same will be sent to your registered e-mail ID. It will have all the trade related P/L and all the Charges. Ledger is a separate report which shows the cashflow of your money. The same can be requested from Web/App. Incase you find any difficulties, feel free to reach out us at help@dhan.co

Shri mohan,
What you wrote is already known to me.

However did you understand what I wrote , or are you giving the standard reply ?

Imagine yourself to be a trader and look at the available reports and perhaps you shall understand what I wrote.

In one of the report, you are giving total loss ( cost) which includes your commission and standard taxes. But how can I know how much tax I am paying and how much commission ? That is splitup !!!

That what I said can be found on the P/L Report. Do share your UCC over DM, ill get back to you on this.