Sl executed even when price not reached


My SL was at 278. But the candle low was 280.6.

Not sure how it got triggered and loss of 30 points in Bank nifty.

Strike price - 42200 call.

It happened earlier as well, but I ignored it.

Attached screenshot of the order.

Following to know the actual reason.

Hi @vineshkumar ,

Exchange processes millions of transactions but it is not feasible even for exchanges to send all of this data via ticks.

So as an industry standard, a snapshot of a tick is sent by the exchanges to the data feeds or market tick by tick data. Now, this per-second tick is one of the many hundred ticks that take place on the exchange every second.

So, it is quite possible that sometimes your order gets executed at a certain price without that price getting reflected on your screen.

We have a detailed post about this here:-Charts on Dhan: What happens behind the scenes and how Charts work exactly?

hi @vineshkumar, in addition to what my colleague @Divyesh replied - exchanges have an utility to verify your trades independently.

More on that here:

Also thanks for this - we will communicate this better, ie, order placed price and traded price.

Even today order was executed 10 points early. And then price went 90 points up.

Never faced this issue before with other broker.

Happening multiple times with dhan.

I don’t think issue is what you mentioned. It can’t be 10 points difference.

Would suggest you do an rca.

In Zerodha, candle low is 679.55
And dhan is 685.75.