Showing Loss in profitable trade

I have booked profit in swing trade with Indiamart Intermesh but in PnL report , its showing 1700 loss.

When I checked the chart my buying price is showing much higher. Please resolve the issue.

Yours Sincerely

Anjali Kumari
Client ID - 1100310427

Hi @AnjaliKumari, Welcome to Dhan Community !

There was a corporate action (bonus issue 1:1) in the said scrip. At this moment, the impact of shares allotted on account of Corporate Actions (Bonus/Splits/Demerger etc), IPO, and Off-Market transfers to and from your Demat account is not considered in the calculation of the P&L report. You may manually calculate the profit & loss in such scenario.

Our team is constantly working on enhancing and optimizing p&l report to provide you the best trading and investing experience.

Refer the below snip of INDIAMART chart for your reference. The charts are adjusted only for daily and higher time frame as of now.