Setting a target for cover order in

  1. does adding a sell order as a target above a cover order start another position instead of closing the current position ? but why ? I’m a newbie so I don’t know if there is another way to do this

  2. why won’t let me move my stoploss above my entry point , that makes no sense

  3. when I opened the CO position on dhan web I saw a cross mark next to the stoploss , I clicked it assuming it would just remove the stoploss , but it just exited my position without warning :man_facepalming:t4:

It’s my second day with dhan and tv.dhan is really unpredictable for me !

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  1. If you place an order assuming a target then it will create a new position and the existing position will remain unchanged. This is because the cover order is already a two-leg order (first for entry & second for exit)

  2. At this moment, if you wish to book your profit then you may directly close or cancel your stop loss to execute on the market.

  3. Again, this will not be possible to separate the stop loss from the cover order as both are connected to each other.

PS: If you wish to place a target + stop loss then you can use Bracket order for Intraday.

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@Naman has explained it in details. We have other series of videos as well, which can help you trade seamlessly.

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