Session Time Out

Hi, Can you please let me know what is Session time out duration is if no or minimum activity on the Dhan web and tv charts? I have seen that in a couple of hours I am logged out of Dhan. Can you help here? Thanks.

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Facing The Same For Tradingview (Native) Login Threw Dhan , i automatically logout randomly when not active. i dont know what is happening.

  • After Login session should stay active for a whole day.

Hi @AkashRana & @ChandraPrakash.Tomar Welcome to Dhan community.

If you are actively browsing Dhan web on / Trading View console we provide on - there won’t be a instance of you getting logged out.

Further, we have kept a session validity of 8 hours, so automatically system logged out the users accordingly. This was made keeping the exchange regulations and compliance in mind.

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Hi @AkashRana, welcome to Dhan community. Session time on Dhan is 8 hours, all will continue to work well unless a conflicting session, like incorrect attempts, etc is detected.

Also @ChandraPrakash.Tomar

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But i am not trying to logging in again and again, nor someone else. & i use the same devices every time that is My Phone + Dhan Web + Tradingview Software.

Connected dhan in Tradingview Software - i use laptop, when i put laptop on sleep or internet connection is disconnected, after some time dhan asks me to login again. every hour or two for example. then again i have to scan with phone or use my id password again and again to log into tradingview software.

Update : Login Webpage has updated on Tradingview, Now it is not asking me to enter pasword again , now i only have to provide mob no. and pin - This will work for me.

Is it possible to increase the session validity to something like 12 hours? For me, session timeout happens typically between 2-3 pm during active market hours depending on when I first logged in in the morning. I am guessing I am not alone in logging in early in the morning. :slight_smile:

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