(Resolved) Price Scale Issue and Chart Marking Vanished

Hi Team,

I would like to bring your attention on my concern - I’m facing problem in Scale Price of Stocks, I’m not able to see the exact price of any stock in decimal number. For Example its showing me like 500, 510 , 520. but I’m not able to see the exact value of any stock in decimal number like - (500.10 , 500.15 ) etc.
Also My Chart markings in (Dhan+ Trading View) has been vanished completely. I have marked 60+ stocks in Dhan but not able to map them today as my chart marking has been deleted automatically.

Please look into this matter and resolve my query.

Thankyou !!

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Same issue I am facing prices are showing in round numbers not in decimal points in Tradingview dhan charts.

Same issue for me as well …save chart vanished and price scale for stocks not working correctly.

This is updated to original settings. The data reflected that way for mock trading… @yogesh86k @Akankshu24 @vin1.