(Resolved) Multiple Chart Feedback with Dhan


1- When I try to open any chart, I can change the time frame by typing on the chart, but why can’t I change the stock/script name by typing?

2 - Same reason because of which we can’t open multiple scripts even though we can split the chart into multiple screens.

3 - Why can’t we add alerts on chart directly like on trading view?

Overall the experience looks good, but please fix this issue asap.

Also, on the mobile app, on the indices section, the screen becomes infinitely scrollable which looks really bad.


Hi @Devil,

1, 2. It is possible to change the scrip name, please check this.

TV scrip change

  1. This is a TradingView specific feature not extended to Dhan TradingView.

  2. For infinite scroll issue on mobile app, request if you can please share more details on help@dhan.co.

Dhan Customer Support

Hi All,

Is it now possible to change scrip name in mobile app when using multi chart…

@Dhan_Help please advise how to change scrip names when using split chart in mobile app.

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@Dhan_Help i am trying to get nifty on one split and option chart in other split, so i dont want to keep going back to change the chart…

Hi @Sreej

Thanks for reaching out to us. We completely understand your requirement of multi-screen layout in mobile app. We have purposely disabled the scrip change option on charts in mobile & web, as this is needed to align the designs and product flow. And we still kept multi-screen layout on mobile & web, so that one can track different time frame together.

To your solution, I will suggest you to use tv.dhan.co in mobile browser, better on desktop/laptop. You can use this functionality exactly like how you are expecting. You can save that layout, which is synchronised across dhan platform.

Hope this help!

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@Naman thanks for responding… the option of using tv.dhan on laptop is good… but that’s not useful for someone who is trading on mobiles. Like me… i can see the option to not sync the scrip name but there should also be an option to change the scrip on chart so different scrips can be viewed at the same time…

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@Sreej We have your feedback and request. Noted

please advise how to change scrip names when using split chart in mobile app
Please enable this feature mobile se trading ke liye bahut jaruri h please

Hi @man,

We have this feedback and have explained the same in above conversation.


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When i tried loading the multiple layout. I made the changes so that i can see the screen with Nifty 50 and Bank Nifty. However, its loading the same scripts in both the layouts.
2022-10-28-00-00-20 (1)

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Hi, @pankajsingh

In order to view different scrips on multiple chart layout you need to turn-off the “Symbol Sync”. Please refer the below screenshot for your reference.

Feel free to call us at 022 48906273 or Chat directly from the CS section of App / Website to get quicker responses to any query.


This could be helpful for future

Please see why this price difference?

Hi @pankajsingh

It seems you are comparing the Buy/Above Market with the previous closing candle. Request you to match it with the current LTP by moving ahead to the current candle. (have attached screenshot for your reference)

I did check thrice before posting here. Somehow, it wasn`t working as expected.
Now, its showing correct data. Anyways, thanks!!

Hi @Dhan_Help , I am not able to get two scrips on the split screen ( web) both split screen changes for the selected scrip ( same in both split) is there any setting i should change? please advice

Hi @chandru

Kindly request you to check if you have turned off the symbol from your layouts.

Kindly refer to this:-

It is ON, as i explained earlier i see two splits, but on both splits i see same scrip even though i try to change one on one split, its like duplicating

Hi @chandru

Please change the layout setting and deselect the sybmol like this