Request for Surveillance with Filter like CA

I fond of Dhan because it is an innovative platform. For example, Corporate Actions. Other platforms though offer this feature in one or other ways, Dhan offers it with filters. Users may filter All stocks, Portfolio Stocks and selected Watchlist stocks as per preference.

I would like to request team Dhan kindly consider adding a section for stocks under Surveillance of ASM and GSM framework. As you are well aware, securities price movement affects due to ASM and GSM.

If you initiate a transaction in other platforms, they will alert you. But they don’t have separate section to keep eyes on such stock with filter option. If you add this feature this will be industry first like many other features implemented by Dhan.

Please introduce it. This will be helpful to us.




Hi Zakir,

Thanks for the feedback, its really interesting thought. We will evaluate :slight_smile:

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Hi @RahulDeshpande could you please update whether product team has any plan to introduce this feature?