Quicko Integration for Tax


It will be a great add on if you can bring Quicko integration for Tax P&L ! :slight_smile:


Hi @ayaan

Our team has connected with Quicko team recently. Will explore an integration with them.


Hi @PravinJ , any update on this.

Just did TAX filing through Quicko, experince was super QUICK !

Hi @PravinJ, It is beneficial for all.

Try to get ASAP.

Yes same problem please team dhan integrated with quicko so it will be great for all the Dhan family members

Any update regarding integration sir?

Hello, Can you please update us on this?

Hi @Rshagrawal, its in progress. Our teams are on this.

Thankyou for quick response, I hope it would be ready by March End.

Hi @PravinJ Any update on this. Can we expect to file returns using Quicko for this Financial year?

Hi @niftypunter2020

We are already in the last stage of integration. Yes, we are hopeful that it will go live soon.


Thanks for the integration. :slight_smile:
I could not find the link in the Dhan app but on Quicko website, I could select Dhan as broker.

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Hi @ayaan @nmw @Rshagrawal @niftypunter2020 @mark3tn00b

We are now live on Quicko, more details are here: Quicko and Dhan partner up to provide Tax Planning and Filing for investors and traders

We weren’t aware about this thread. Thanks @PravinJ for prioritizing this. Cheers to all the users.

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Thanks team finally the integration is live

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@PravinJ thanks for the heads-up!

When we will get Quicko integrated app update for Android users?

@Dhan Team& @PravinJ

I would like to thank you whole-heartedly for addition of such an useful & one of the most waited features in Dhan. I wish Dhan Team all the best for futures.

Thank you

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Thanks for Listening to customer feedback. Keep Listening, Keep Growing.

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Thank you, we continue to make Dhan better.

Thank you for your kind words.