Problem with Saved indicator templates

Over the weekend, Dhan updated Tradingview library which got rolled back when some users pointed out some errors.

Though I didn’t find any glitches in charting, there was one problem and that is saved indicator templates containing RSI were not working as expected.

For e.g., if I had set RSI higher limit as 50 and lower limit as 20, it got modified automatically to 70 30.

After rolling back to old library, the issue is same.

Indicator templates having RSI is not working as expected. Its value change automatically whenever we apply saved indicator template to our chart layout no matter what values have we saved in the template.

Moreover, when we click the settings button on the indicator itself nothing is happening in case of RSI. I have to delete RSI first and then add it back again and then change value to my desired limits.

Is anybody else facing the same problem?

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Hi @Shally Please do hard refresh on the browser and check. The new library of TV (and its next versions) have different ways of handling indicators including few popular indicators. We will post a detailed note on this when we go live with it next.

I did that already. In fact, I checked it on another laptop also.

Problem still persists.

It seems the problem has shifted from new Library to old library too while rolling back as problem arisen only after new library was pushed.

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absolutely same experience like @Shally for the indicators part @PravinJ

nd i don’t understand why browser’s multiple Tab which has different Layouts in different tabs, if stays inactive for few minutes in the background of active tab, price updation of that layout(that Tab) starts lagging or stops or update late… even after rolling back of old library this problem was there which annoyed us…
earlier , background tabs & layouts were working f9, this wasn’t case with tv.dhan…

due to this i have to double check my charts by pressing everytime i switch to opened tabs or opened layouts , need to click refresh icons everytime or by doing total refresh of the page & load the full layout again. has your team checked or tested this problem ??

@Varsha777, this issue might be due to browser’s in-built mechanism of “sleeping tabs” to save on resources.

If you use multiple tabs, I suggest that you go to the url: edge://discards/ (for Edge browser) and chrome://discards/ (for chrome browser) and toggle the “auto discardable” feature to No. After that, it seems to work fine.

Only issue will be if your PC goes in sleep mode for few minutes. In that case, tabs will still be there but data will not refresh automatically, and you have to hard refresh the tab to get the latest data.

But this has its own serious limitation on Dhan (as is the case with using multiple browser tabs for Dhan) which I have written about earlier also. Will try to find that out!

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thanks for sharing… will check it…

Yesterday, in the evening, Dhan team pushed the new TV library once again. And after that the saved indicator template started working again on the new library.

I think the problem arose because in old library RSI has only two limits i.e., Upper limit and Lower limit whereas new library has a middle limit as well for RSI. This could be the cause of the problem.

That’s why @PravinJ mentioned that new library handles some indicators in different way.

Hi @Shally @Varsha777 We will post a detailed update on the charts update shortly. Glad you are noticing changes even before we publish them :slight_smile:

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Glad to see that this update brings anchrord VWAP as drawing tool, unfortunately still we cant rearrange the tools in favourite bar , please look into it

Fully active on Dhan :pray: :pray:

I have just logged in and I am NOT SEEING any difference in the INDICATOR library. All the previous indicators are there and I am not seeing ANY NEW Indicator.

If you have added new indicators in the library (as the notifications say) PLEASE DO ADD


in the indicator list please.

Please INSTRUCT your developer to see CPR BY KGS indicator in In the FREE Tradingview website library…and please ask him to ADD THE SAME MONTHLY and TOMORROW cpr in the DHAN TV

Thanks in anticipation

Do you have an equivalent of this on Firefox? I have compared that the issue for me is only on FF and not Chrome. Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

I haven’t used Firefox for a long time now. So, no idea about this functionality in Firefox.