Priority- Dhan KYC Center Issue - Need Help

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I received an email from Dhan on Tuesday (29th AUg) regarding “KYC Alert: Validate your details at KRA”
I did the KYC & e-sign on Tuesday, and it was successfully completed.

This was the status on Tuesday after Aadhar authentication & e-signing completed successfully. (29th Aug)

Today morning, I logged into Dhan KYC center to check status & surprisingly it shows “KYC Not validated”
I did not receive any email/SMS from dhan or KRA.

This is TODAY morning status.

I contacted Dhan cust care today morning & they suggested to do the KYC + e-sign again.
Also the agent told me he would call back today evening with an update.
But he did not call back.

So today morning, I did the aadhar authentication & e-signing second time.
It was successfully completed.

Just now (around 8:30 PM) I logged into Dhan KYC control center to check status.
SURPRISINGLY AGAIN, it shows “KYC Not Validated”

What is the issue with simple KYC process?
Can someone help me out?

The customer care has been unable to help with this. They don’t have required info.
I’m concerned that my account might get locked or something.

Also, as per CVL website, my KYC is already registered with CVL.
So why is Dhan asking me to re-do this process again?
Other brokers haven’t asked such a thing.

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Hi @som079 These status are updated based on the response from KRAs.

What does that mean?
How should I proceed?

I’m doing the KYC & e-sign. It completes successfully
Then after sometime, it automatically goes back to step 1 and shows as “NOT VALIDATED”
This is going in a circle.

What is the next step?
I don’t understand that from your post.

The customer care hasn’t been able to help. They’ve only given me generic answers.
Who should I get in touch with to resolve this?

As mentioned, this process is entirely depending on status messages that we get from KRAs, and it is automated. We take your request and sent to KRA, until the next status is available it will stay as Not Validated.


This is the status after e-signing is successfully completed.
Now this screen should update based on response from KRA
I understand that.

But even after completing e-signing, when I login after few hours, Dhan KYC center status is showing status as “not validated”, and there is a button below to proceed for aadhar authentication.

This shouldn’t happen, isn’t it?
I have concluded that this means there might be some issue with my KYC submission/e-signing.

Are you saying that once I complete the e-signing successfully, there’s no further action needed from my side?

After completing e-signing successfully, Can I ignore the “Not validated” status & the “Proceed to aadhar authentication” button on Dhan KYC center as shown in my above 2nd screenshot?

hi @PravinJ

I am also facing the same issue, I did performed for KYC update process for 3-4 times, but not the single email or sms recived from KRA.
also i tried to update and validate the KYC details on directly on KRA website too but after mentioning accurate OTP there website showing errors all time.
can you bring this notice to them that there are some issues with KRA website to. if they can fix and solve the update this before any bad cause to traders.


To clarify, I understand the KYC is based on response from KRA
But there has to be clarity on what’s the status & what’s the next required action

Dhan’s KYC center is not providing that clarity.

After e-signing is completed successfully, why is option to perform aadhar authentication again being shown after few hours?

What is status of previously successfully completed e-signing?
That button to “Check Status” has suddenly disappeared.

No clarity on what’s going on.
No clarity on what to do next?

This is my issue

Yes, our teams are working with KRAs on this. This is not just for Dhan, but across all stock broking platforms.

Thanks for quick response, I request you and your team to please make sure this should not cause any disturbance for any trading session to any traders…

Thanks again…

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