Price Alerts as SMS on our Phone

Please add these features-

We get notified with a SMS and a mail on our registered Phone & email ID with DHAN, as our price alerts gets triggered on charts.
It’ll be of a great use of mine and people who have a JOB, and can’t track markets all day long.
Alert through SMS is a must in this request as I do not open/check my mail frequently while on work, But SMS I can check/receive even If I am not connected to the Internet.

And please also give a direct option to add alerts directly in charts as tradingview does & we can add more than 2+ alerts on same scrip/chart.


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Hi @Ragnar

As you are aware we do send a price alert email when it reaches the desired price. However, we have noted your feedback regarding SMS alerts.

Please refer we have mentioned here related to SMS.

For price alerts on trading view exclusive feature, which is not extended on the hosted version on

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Otp sms service is overall costly. Thats why they introduce scan qr code on destop. And now if they start sms price alert it will be very costly. But i would like add it would be better if we get price alerts notification on whatsapp like sensibull provide it whether its on telegram or both.


If we can get alerts on whatsapp. that would be great. @Divyesh @Dhan

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Hi @Pradhan & @Ragnar,

Thanks for your suggestion, we will surely explore the possibilities.