Please add this

This “Indices Details” window is very useful. Although I would like to see one more column for weightage. While trading in index, keeping a track on the heavy weight stocks is important. Thanks.

Hi @Akhil153045,

We have this information available on Dhan Web.

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Yes @JayK sir I know that but I mainly use That’s why I requested this.

Though it maybe not be possible to have each feature on all our platforms, we have noted your feedback.

@Poornima @PravinJ @Naman @RahulDeshpande @Sameet

it will be good idea if we get “Turnover value” column in place of volume.
coz in many cases just volume doesn’t significantly show the true picture. Volume of small price range stocks will mostly always be on top or higher side. but Turnover value represents the true picture.

[here , Turnover value means = Price x qty]

Volume just brings Total volume amongst the lower price stocks & bigger price stocks not a comfortable way to sort by volume, it misleads manytime so plz add Turnover (Qty x Price) column next to the volume column or replace Turnover value column inplace of Volume column!

sorting by turnover gives realistic & helpful information

So i request in tv.dhan we get Turnover column in each different indices !

at least just think & consider the above said logic. and you may understand the need of this.

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Hi @Varsha777

Thanks for your suggestion, we will surely take this feedback and check how this can be implemented.

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