Please add "DP Charges" to Dhan "get_trade_history" API

It would be great if you can add DP Charges as charged by DHAN to get_trade_history api.

This way, we can get all expenses related to a trade in 1 single shot.

We can add this cost while doing our calculation but getting the data from source will shield our code from any future changes to DP Charge or GST.

Hope this makes sense.

Hello @ekveer

DP charges are part of Demat Account related charges and hence doesn’t make a lot of sense to add them in the get_trade_history API. The primary purpose of Trade History API is to serve all historical trade data. Besides this, DP charges are applicable only to sell side and it is a constant value, so you can keep the calculation on your side as well.

You can fetch all charges for your account using Ledger Report API, but that will not be trade wise.

It makes sense that it is not part of trade history. Having said that, will there be any communication if there is any change in DP charges? Thanks.

Hi @ekveer Sure, we always post all updated on community. As of now, there are no plans to update or change DP charges.

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