P&L statement generation

It is still not automated and am having difficulty in accessing my equities and derivatives p&l for the last financial year. Pls help

Hi @amk20000 please log-in @quicko using Dhan credentials. We have integrated with them for generating Tax PNL reports. Incase you face any challenges, reach our customer service team, we would be happy to help you!

I logged in. They are another platform selling their services. I could not see an option just for generating or downloading Dhan data

@amk20000 Login to https://accounts.quicko.com/individuals/login > Choose “or login with” > Select the “>” button > Select Dhan > Enter Dhan credentials and OTP > Click on Planning for FY and wait for the system to compute taxes > Once the computation is done, you will see a screen as below > Download the report.

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this is planning FY2023-24. Either it should be FY2022-23 or AY 2023-24.

You can the dropdown at the top right to select particular FY