Order type modification bug

The order doesn’t change from “Intraday” to “Normal” if a trade has been done with “Click to Trade” button. This is a very important step for FnO traders who wants to take the last 10 mins scalp. This issue can cause auto square off.


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Yes this is an issue and I found today another one today as well. It by defaults to intraday after every order. Once we select normal or intraday it should stay in that mode. Instead of defaulting back to intraday every time. @Dhan_Help please look into this bug


Plus 1 for this.
Experienced this.
please give option to set to normal or intrday as per user preference / last used

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Hi @ayaan

If you have any pending Intraday order then it cannot be converted to delivery. Here, you may cancel the same and place a normal/delivery order accordingly.

Further, you can convert an open Intraday position to Delivery/Normal from our Web or Application (Dhan / Option Trader).

Feel free to call us at 022 48906273 or Chat directly from the CS section of App / Website to get quicker responses to any query.