Order placement lag at market open

Few days at market open I have noticed tremendous lag for order placement via tradingview webhook. For e.g:- today tv alert fired at exactly 6:15 pm

But the order was placed around 76 seconds later. That is too much lag to the point that we think order didn’t fire and so we try to manually place the order. This is not an isolated instance. I have noticed this atleast three times in recent past as did my fellow traders. Please fix this.

Will have this one checked. Does it happen only on webhook for you?

Yes happened only with webhook.

Your order was executed on exchange at 18:15:04. Checking why the time shown was later one.

The order appeared on my positions page after 18:16:27 only. Not sure whether the order was executed at the backend.

Here is the order log, this was received at 18:15:04 and executed at same time. Checking why the date later, reviewing this and checking the webhooks once again. You order was executed in parts, which is why multiple entries - but all of executed immediately.

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Thanks. So the order executed at the backend. But on the front end it appeared after 18:16:27. It seems the DRV_INTERNAL_ENTRY_DATE is also reflecting the same.


Hi @PravinJ

Is the issue of the order not appearing on the frontend at open fixed ? Unless the frontend is reflecting the same we get confused and sometimes punch order manually causing to take double the position than what we intended.

Hey this only happened for this order, we still are at works on this and are reviewing the webhook integration.


In total this has happened 6 times now (me and fellow traders at different instances for each). We initially thought the huge order queue at market open may be the issue but then figured out that isn’t the case. Then I filed this bug here.


It should never be that case when market open, we maintain a very high capacity and its monitored as well. Please help us with the order IDs of same on help@dhan.co. Will help isolate the cases and understand it better. Will check for same with @Dhan_Help team.

Thanks @PravinJ. If my fellow traders recall when this happened and can fetch the orders will post. Meanwhile here is another issue with webhook order today morning open that got rejected (faced by my fellow trader).


Order lag issue - order id from fellow trader 1100000005869337