Option chain Strike level

Any idea what this Strike level refer here in option chain?

“307.60” in option chain whereas current future contract is “318”

Is it current contract future LTP or Spot LTP.

This one still makes sense but above one quite confusing.

This is another example of currency. Just ditto of first image. Future LTP exist for watchlist, in option chain it seems to spot.

Second question if spot index available to Currency/MCX then why there are not visible in watchlist search list?

Nifty is underlying for Options on Nifty. In other cases you are comparing Future prices for Commodity & Currency.

@PravinJ So what is this strike price in Commodity/Currency?

In NG its 307.60 whereas future current contract value is 318. Same case for currency, USDINR Weekly Expiry/Monthly expiry are 82.7125/82.7775 and option chain strike value is 82.68. Already checked in Index watchlist but I didn’t notice any NG Spot Index/USDINR spot index.

So, my question is how and where I can check both MCX/Currency strike source index which used in option chain for strike price?

For, underlying price across all is shown on the Option Chain - which is being highlighted by you. Or you can add shortcuts to your watchlist - search for, example USDINR Option summary.

@PravinJ Option Chain Strike price index.

For example, in Nifty Option chain Strike price is > Nifty Spot Index which we can add into our watch list.

Similar way in Natural Gas or USDINR option chain strike price is again spot index of NG/USDINR I believe> So how / where to get that Natural Gas / USDINR Spot Index just like Nifty Spot Index to add into watchlist.

The way we get details from NSE for NIFTY50, we do not get the same for USD-INR.

To refer to underlying spot price that is received from NSE / MCX, please refer to following one…

@PravinJ But how do I apply Pivot by this way??

If it’s available in form of Index/Symbol, I can open this into chart and add pivot indicator.

Nope, underlying charts for that is not available. Don’t think we even get that data to construct the charts for these spot prices.

Alright; in that case consider its close topic from my end.