Option chain revamp

First of all, I am grateful to want dhan brings in, I am a beginner and I have tried every broker dhan remains the best.
just i have one issue, the option chain.
instead of showing oi data in complete terms, it would be better if you just showed it in terms of lots
and add change in oi in number format, and brighten the colors for itm options. and just make it better overall. and I am sure it would be easier to just add complete numbers instead of adding lakhs at the end.
thank you so much

Hi @Archgecko, Thanks for your kind words. Yes, Option Chain is something that we haven’t enhanced for a while, we have few incredible updates planned.

We will start with Mobile App first, and then bring them to Dhan web platforms as well :slight_smile:

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Can you add button on chart to open option chain ? Because on mobile if I use mouse then I am able to right click and open option chain but without mouse it is not possible on tv.dhan.co ? So if you add button on main tool header then it will be more convenient!

Hi @morakhiyasaiyam If you on tv.dhan.co, open any chart for F&O, say Nifty or Bank NIfty and do right click - you will see Options Chain right there.

Oh may be you misunderstood my query Read my query again as I said I know I can use right click on chart on mobile also for opening option chain ! But it is very inconvenient to carry mouse along with mobile all the time so it will be very useful if you only add button for it also on toolbar @PravinJ