Optimisation of search bar in tv.dhan.co

Refer the above image, the word ‘NIFTY’ shows everything but index Nifty. I feel this can be optimised to show Nifty 50 Index as the first result and then all the other results (reason being all other products are derivatives and mostly decision making is done on spot charts).

Currently, one has to type at least “NIFTY 5” to get the index.

Same behaviour goes for Nifty Bank. In fact, all the words combination “NIFTYBANK”, “BANKNIFTY”, “NIFTY BANK”, or “BANK NIFTY” should show the index first and then its derivatives.

Request to tweak this for the benefit of all users.

@Dhan @Dhan_Help

Hi @Shally we have this feedback and will try to improve it, thank you!

Thanks @Dhan for improving the same. Now, typing “Nifty” shows the following results:

This is very good!

Though still observed some inconsistencies.

  1. Typing “NIFTYBANK” doesn’t show anything:

  2. Typing “NIFTY BANK” does show Bank Nifty but doesn’t show its futures or options:

  3. Same as pt. 2 for “BANK NIFTY” (though removing space between “BANK” & “NIFTY” works as intended:

i am unable to search bank nifty future in watchlist

Type “BankNifty” and you should see!

Typing “MCX” in search bar is not showing MCX scrip instead showing commodities being traded on MCX.

Kindly modify please.


I think you missed this. @Poornima @iamshrimohan

@Shally It is not a miss actually, we purposely named it as “Multi Commodity Exchange” reason being the driving logic. Our search results are based on volume (Highest first) along with Future Summary, Option Summary and Option Chain. So in that context MCX would stand out at a far off position.

Hi, got your point. But it has some unintended consequences. The symbol for Multi Commodity Exchange is “MCX”. So, when one types the exact symbol, it must be given preference over the driving logic, I feel.

Also, if you think, why would anybody type “MCX” to get scrips traded on MCX like Crude, Silver etc. Instead, one would directly type Silver, Gold, Crude etc. to get scrips with these names.

Do we type BSE to get scrips listed on BSE? I feel, no.

I hope you get my point.


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