NiftyBees and JuniorBeeS BTST

Hi team, I was curious if NiftyBeeS and JuniorBeeS can be done in BTST. Also, would there be any chance of an auction penalty? For example: If I buy them today and sell them tomorrow, I should ideally have the ETFs credited a day before selling, so how does the auction penalty come into play?

It would be really great if someone could help me understand this

Hi, @sv28

Yes, you can do BTST trade in NiftyBees and JuniorBees, but there is a risk of auction penalty if you place BTST trades.

This is because you will get delivery of that ETFs in T+2 days same as Equity stock

Thanks for the response @Divyesh

I have a confusion. Let’s assume a scenario:

Monday: I buy the ETF
Tuesday: I see all of them
Wednesday: ETF should be credited (T+2 of Buy)
Friday: ETF should be debited (T+2 of Sell)

So, why is there a risk of penalty if I have ETF in my Demat a day prior? Am I missing something here?

Hi, @sv28

As per your scenario, if you sold ETFs on Tuesday, but you didn’t receive delivery yet in your holding.

In this case, an auction risk is there

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