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Most of us have heard of commodity trading multiple times, but we barely understand how it works.

Trading commodities like oil, gold, and metals based on charts, just like the way we trade stocks, is not commodity trading.

It involves many factors like geopolitical situations, economic growth, demand-supply, etc.

And hence, we’ve decided to cover this interesting yet barely talked trading method with one of the renowned commodity traders in the country Mr. Jay Prakash Gupta (Founder - Dhan)

Topic: How Can a 20 Year Old Start Trading Commodities! :chart_with_upwards_trend::bar_chart:

What will you learn?
:pushpin:: What are commodities that we hardly know
:pushpin:: How to analyze commodities
:pushpin:: What are the best ways to start trading in commodity markets
:pushpin:: A systematic approach to risk management and making wealth out of it

18th May, Thursday
7-8 PM
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