Modify Order - not working, but updateTime is getting updated

What could be the reason I try to modify the existing order, it returns me 200 / OK Status but not change anything in the demat account.

Surprisingly, when I try to get the fresh order details, I see the updateTime is showing the modified attempt time, but the price is not getting updated.


Hello @Shashidhar

If you try and modify the order while it is in TRANSIT state, then the modification will not happen. Can you confirm the same?

No the order is in PENDING state, I waited for nearly 4 mins to update the price for stop loss order, the price is not updated but the updateTime field got updated.

Just to provide more details

All this is being done with API for my algo

I have created an order with Algo (Entry Leg)
Waited for it to trigger, once triggered
created a stop loss order with pre defined stop loss
after few mins I need to trail to new stop loss price

so using modification order api to modify, but the same does not happen (I use STOP_LOSS order)

if I try to use the same modify order to execute the order in market price, it works perfectly.

let me know if there is a way we can talk, I can talk

Hello @Shashidhar

We checked logs here and it appears that you entered Disclosed Quantity as 15 while modifying the order and hence the modification was rejected at the exchange. Do note: Disclosed quantity needs to be minimum of 10%, but incase you want to make it 100%, ‘0’ should be passed as the parameter value.

Thanks will check and update, appreciate your quick response