Modification of stop loss leg of cover order

I am trying to modify the stop loss leg of a cover order. I want to change the trigger price (trailing stop loss). I am getting error with below request body. Can someone suggest me the correct request body.

Hello @kedar

Your Trigger Price and Price variable values are same, and this is the reason for the modification to fail. Kindly try with a minimum difference of 1 tick, which will be 0.05 in this case.

Hi @Hardik

I have placed a cover order → SELL order at price 174.05, STOP LOSS leg 174.55

{‘dhanClientId’: ‘1100894325’, ‘orderId’: ‘112308253771’, ‘exchangeOrderId’: ‘1200000003156367’, ‘correlationId’: ‘1100894325-1692936002599’, ‘orderStatus’: ‘TRADED’, ‘transactionType’: ‘SELL’, ‘exchangeSegment’: ‘NSE_EQ’, ‘productType’: ‘CO’, ‘orderType’: ‘LIMIT’, ‘validity’: ‘DAY’, ‘tradingSymbol’: ‘ONGC’, ‘securityId’: ‘2475’, ‘quantity’: 1, ‘disclosedQuantity’: 0, ‘price’: 174.05, ‘triggerPrice’: 0.0, ‘afterMarketOrder’: False, ‘boProfitValue’: 0.0, ‘boStopLossValue’: 0.0, ‘legName’: ‘ENTRY_LEG’, ‘createTime’: ‘2023-08-25 09:30:02’, ‘updateTime’: ‘2023-08-25 09:30:02’, ‘exchangeTime’: ‘2023-08-25 09:30:02’, ‘drvExpiryDate’: ‘0001-01-01’, ‘drvOptionType’: ‘NA’, ‘drvStrikePrice’: 0.0, ‘omsErrorCode’: ‘0’, ‘omsErrorDescription’: ‘TRADE CONFIRMED’, ‘filled_qty’: 1, ‘algoId’: ‘0’}, {‘dhanClientId’: ‘1100894325’, ‘orderId’: ‘112308253771’, ‘exchangeOrderId’: ‘1200000003157049’, ‘correlationId’: ‘1100894325-1692936002599’, ‘orderStatus’: ‘PENDING’, ‘transactionType’: ‘BUY’, ‘exchangeSegment’: ‘NSE_EQ’, ‘productType’: ‘CO’, ‘orderType’: ‘STOP_LOSS_MARKET’, ‘validity’: ‘DAY’, ‘tradingSymbol’: ‘ONGC’, ‘securityId’: ‘2475’, ‘quantity’: 1, ‘disclosedQuantity’: 0, ‘price’: 0.0, ‘triggerPrice’: 174.55, ‘afterMarketOrder’: False, ‘boProfitValue’: 0.0, ‘boStopLossValue’: 0.0, ‘legName’: ‘STOP_LOSS_LEG’, ‘createTime’: ‘2023-08-25 09:30:02’, ‘updateTime’: ‘2023-08-25 09:30:02’, ‘exchangeTime’: ‘2023-08-25 09:30:02’, ‘drvExpiryDate’: ‘0001-01-01’, ‘drvOptionType’: ‘NA’, ‘drvStrikePrice’: 0.0, ‘omsErrorCode’: ‘0’, ‘omsErrorDescription’: ‘CONFIRMED’, ‘filled_qty’: 0, ‘algoId’: ‘0’}]

Here the sell price is 174.05 and to cover losses i have given 0.50 which is 174.55 as stop loss. So after some time the stock is moving in positive way for me which is the stock price is decreasing.
so now the price is 173.75.
I tried moving my stop loss from 174.55 to 174.0 , i think it should be possible. But it is giving error.