Modern Algos: Investments Simplified, Live for Dhan users!

Hi All,

We are excited to announce that Modern Algos is now LIVE for Dhan users.

Modern Algos provides you personalized actions and insights by providing tailored made baskets based on your profile.

We have many offerings, one of them is equity baskets.

What is an Equity Basket?

An Equity Basket is a solution to modern investing needs. One does not need to constantly monitor the ups and downs of Stocks, as our expert algorithms do that for you.

Our Algorithms filter the stocks through various analyses and factors including but not limited to Technical and Fundamental Analysis. The baskets are periodically optimized through Auto Rebalancing to keep your portfolio growing.

Who is it for?

Whether you are a student planning to save your monthly pocket money, a retired person looking to safeguard your hard-earned money and get regular income, a working person looking to invest to get the best returns, or a housewife looking for minimal risk, there is an Equity basket for all.

How to Invest?

Invest in Equity Basket in just 3 steps.

Step 1. Login to ModernAlgos with your Dhan Account.

Step 2. Go to Equity Baskets and select the preferred Equity Basket.

Step 3. Enter your investment amount and click on Execute.

What makes Equity Baskets better?

  1. Periodic Auto Rebalancing
  2. For all risk appetites
  3. Consistent Performances
  4. No Lock-In
  5. Diversified Risk

We are constantly evolving and adding new features to help investors and traders make sound decisions. Do let us know your feedback and what feature you liked the most.

For more info check out: Modern Algos.


Hi @Sbaid ,

We are thrilled to have partner with Modern Algos.

Dhan users will be benefitted by Modern Algo’s simplified investment baskets and get personalized actions and insights based on their profile.

We look forward to provide exceptional trading and investing experience for all the users. :smiley:

Thank you very much Rahul for all your support in the integration, looking forward to have lots of feedback and opinions from the Dhan Users.

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