Manage Positions easily on Dhan Web - Introducing Grouping of positions

Last month, we introduced grouping of positions on the Dhan app and traders are loving the experience. After speaking to our users and taking their suggestions, we have now extended the same experience to our web platform (

Introducing Grouping Positions on Dhan Web

Now, with a single tap you can switch all your positions from list view to group view.

With group positions you can see the following:

  • View Combined P&L for all positions based on all underlying
  • View individual P&L for every open position and manage every single position individually
  • Select and Exit one or more than one open positions in a go
  • Track underlying spot or index price and in a single view and see how movement in this changes your P&L
  • Download position details as a CSV

This feature will help you to declutter your position window and will help you manage them more efficiently. Do let us know your feedback on this! :slight_smile:


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