Live scanner is not working well

Hi team, i really liked the app and features in it but market live scanner like day high, day low, week high etc… are not refreshing by its own ! Everytime i need to reload the tab to see the latest results ! I tried to chat with support team too but no solution. Plz help me with this to continue this platform

Hi @Ramitushar, Welcome to Dhan community. Live Scanners are designed to be live and in real-time. We do not save them, if this is what you are looking for - once user is on Live Scan section - it will share updates as they happen at that moment.

We will build some interesting products in future, have couple of ideas on this.

@PravinJ hey my query is not abt to save them ! As you said this scanner is live and real time? M saying i cant see real time scan results by its own ! As soon as i refresh tab it gives latest results ! For example when some stock is crossing day high at 10 am , Scanner should show the result automatically at that time right. instead of that it shows the result when i refresh whole page manually ! So my query is why scanner is not getting refreshed by its own . Someone frm customer care said its work for all then why not in my case

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