Lag in margin requirement calculation

hello in dhan i found platform is lagging
today i checked in banknifty put strike price is changing but margin requirement is not updating with price change…
same issue also in bank of baroda put 160feb put.
here is the banknifty video proof link… Movavi Cloud

its not expected from dhan

bob put at same time with market and limit giving different margin results

Thanks for sharing across the video and the screenshots, we are getting this checked.

We request you to please feel free to reach out to us on 022-48906273 or Live Chat directly from the app for quick resolution.

That being said, have highlighted to the team and will let you know the status.

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1st chart is from zerodha
2nd is from dhan
Dhan is incomplete
Why men why… ?

hello when will you solve this issue…
problem is still there…
proof video link… brave_xDCIm3FIfN.mp4 - Google Drive

@PravinJ @RahulDeshpande please do something… after 7 working days issue is not resolved.

Hi @kishan_hadiyal this is the normal behavior. Markets are volatile, and we now send margin requirements with RMS validation.

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means 8rs price gap is fair and valid ?
what happen if someone buy 500 quantity with 8rs price gap ?

Sorry, I did not follow the 8 Rs price gap. My response was for rms validated load time. Can you explain.

simply with price change margin calculation is not updating like zerodha…
in zerodha margin calculation is perfect on every paisa tick and it calculate update margin according to price change in magically fast… that is only and only missing in dhan platform.

Will have this checked, think on the other platform you mentioned - the check happens once and then you have to manually refresh to update margins.

On Dhan - we show the margins as RMS validated. If you change order type, or price or quantity - it will revalidate and get update. And post order placement, it will once again check in case any price has changed in between two timeframes.


issue is resolved now margin calculation is updating with price change.
thanks @PravinJ @RahulDeshpande and all dhan team for solving bug in quick time… :pray: