Issue with Push Notifications for Order Execution

Hello Dhan Team,
Please enable trade notification (Push) on iOS, If i have placed a limit order and close the Dhan app, I should be notified via push notification whenever the order is executed, which is not happening.
Please look into it and enable trade notifications(push) as its a very much handy feature when the set trade is executed or not we can come to know without opening the app.

News notifications are showing properly and I’m expecting same like that trade notification in Dhan.

Operating system : iOS
Version: 16.3.1


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Hi @AK47, Push Notifications for Order Execution is already available for Dhan. Unless it is turned off. Please check the settings for this in Manage Profile Section, last tab - Trade Notification.

Hello @PravinJ
I’m getting other push notifications like Live News however not getting for order executions.
Below is my settings snapshpot.


Any other settings need to enable to get order execution push notification on ios. I’m getting Live News push notification from Dhan but not for order execution.

Below is the Live news snapshot.


Hi @AK47, that’s the only setting that I am aware of, no other. Its weird unless there is iOS level setting that has disabled it. Will check this with team, alternatively is this happening only with Dhan app or also with Options Trading app?

Hello @PravinJ ,
I’m new to Dhan and not yet used option trading app.

Hello @PravinJ ,
Push notification for PRICE ALERT is also not working, I only see the price alert triggered if I open the app and go to the notification section.

I think the issue is with unicast push notifications as I get broadcast push notifications like live news.

The price alert push notification is a much needed feature as we cannot know whether the price has been triggered until we open the app.


Price Alerts, we are rebuilding the entire infrastructure to make it more seamless. Will take some time after we are done with our existing product roadmap. There is plan to improve the alerts significantly.

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Thank you, and looking forward your update regarding this.

I am also facing the same issue in my Android phone with the same settings. Android 12.

@PravinJ Updated to latest version of Dhan v1.0.35 and the notification issue still exists.

hi dear sir , i totally not satisfied with dhan mobile app in android phone ,because after order execute of options ,after that the chart and price change details are not updated and it takes lot of time to display the price movement . and guess what happen that movement ____sir

We haven’t released any updated on Price Alerts, when we do - we will post an update here.

Didn’t understand this @Gangavarapu, are you suggesting notifications should be received before orders are successful?