Is there a limit for OHLC API

Does historical data API have a daily limit? I can see only “10 requests/sec” specified on the site.
However, I am getting the following error
{'status': 'failure', 'remarks': {'error_code': 'HTTP429', 'message': 'Per Day Rate Limit Exceeded For Charts API'}, 'data': ''}

Hello @srimahn

Yes. All DhanHQ APIs have rate limits defined for various time intervals. This is part of standard API security practices. You can refer to the rate limits here - Link

@Hardik When a rate limit is imposed how much time does it take for the things to get back to normal?

Hello @sugam192

Rate limits are imposed as per time intervals. E.g. if hourly rate limit is touched, then the rate limits will reset in the next hour.

Thanks for the response @Hardik .

This is the throttling which I received.

Can you please classify which api’s fall under Non Trading API?
This will help me to tweak my code.

Also, I see that for non trading api’s the request count is unlimited.

any help would really be appreciated.


All the rate limits have been added in the documentation here - Introduction - DhanHQ Ver 1.0 / API Document.

For Non-Trading APIs, all GET requests are classified as Non-Trading APIs; we have kept the core trading (order placement, modification and cancellation) in separate category and rate limits for the same has been kept the most liberal.

Again, API as a product inherently has rate limits to ensure that the server infrastructure is safeguarded and stable.